How We Change Behavior

It starts with our methodology and digital training.

Interviewing has not changed since Thomas Edison used one simple assumption or bias as his criteria for accepting or dismissing a candidate.

interviewIA is here to change that, but not by replacing interviewers – by simply making them better.

It starts with digital training focused on unconscious bias mitigation and refined hiring strategies based on the inteviewIA Hiring Methodology.

How We Scale The Change

With our frictionless and integrated technology.

Once we’ve helped to make every interviewer better, we introduce the New Interview with our patent-pending technology that builds process, calibration, and deep learning into every hire.

The most exciting part is that as a SaaS solution, we can help companies around the globe scale and operationalize this process to build more inclusive organizations.

Create intentional and repeatable outcomes with IA

Interview Intelligence Amplification™ is the future of hiring. Data, process, and machine learning have enabled us to create insights that can change hiring forever. IA enables hiring managers to make better hiring decisions for your organization. Through continuous learning and technology augmentation, our goal is to improve hiring for both the candidate and the company.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses machine learning to replace human behavior (e.g. self-driving cars) while Intelligence Augmentation and Intelligence Amplification (IA) extends and enhances human capabilities (e.g. driver assist) through machine learning. interviewIA is leveraging IA technologies to change the interaction between interviewers and interviewees. Smart interview guides and true data analytics are used to turn interviewIA in the best interview assistance tool on the market.

Using a mixture of behavioral, competency, and situational-based questions, interviewIA uses a blend of data and human intelligence to make teams and organizations smarter about the way they hire.

By synthesizing interview feedback, our systematic approach to questions and bench-marking thousands of responses to different types of questions, we enhance your decision-making power. Machine Learning algorithms assist with everything from designing the ideal interview team for each role to looking for continuous improvement within your interviewing process. Through a quantity of data that no single human brain could ever process, we save organizations time and money throughout the hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been misused and misaligned in many areas of the hiring process. Issues range from algorithmic bias against underrepresented groups to improper screening processes. AI is not ready for hiring at scale. On the other hand, Intelligence Amplification is programmatically more attainable through today’s technology than Artificial Intelligence. IA is the next iteration of using tools to bolster productivity. Organizations can leverage IA without large amounts of systemic change and feel confident in their ability to manage and control these changes without the black box effect of traditional interviewing or the AI-extreme. interviewIA’s combination of intelligent computing, intelligent software, and APIs can have profound implications for hiring.

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