To create better interviews we must first create better interviewers. Our training curriculum was built in collaboration with industry experts to deliver leading-edge digital training around hiring, inclusion, culture, leadership, and employee development. Our goal is to help great people build great companies.

Unconcious Bias

How Bias and Empathy are formed, their impact on our decisions, how our brains work, and how we can learn to choose better behaviors and communicate more consciously.

iIA Hiring Methodology

How to build better job descriptions, improve interview processes, and design equitable candidate experiences that will result in quality hiring outcomes.


The future of how talent is evaluated and hired. Using the powerful combination of repeatable process, data, and human intelligence to make teams and organizations smarter about the way they hire.

iIA Hiring Methodology

The backbone of our solution that seamlessly supports your unique hiring process:

Clear Role Criteria & Alignment
Scalable Structure & Consistency
Data-Driven Decision Making Process Insights & Predictors
Equitable & Quality Outcomes

Question Bank

It’s not your average interview question. The iIA Question Bank is a comprehensive set of methodically engineered behavioral, competency, and situational-based questions that account for context and individuality. Our questions are designed to benefit the candidate, interviewer, and decision-maker so that greater insight is gained and more confident decisions are made.

The Power of IA

Interview Intelligence Amplification™ is the future of hiring. Structured data, a repeatable process, NLP, and machine learning enable us to create insights and predictors that can change hiring forever. Through a quantity of data that no single human brain could ever process, we save organizations time and money throughout the hiring process.

IA enables hiring managers to make better hiring decisions for both the candidate and the organization.