Business Development

The Business Development role is a critical new role to interviewIA dedicated to helping us grow rapidly with intention to help establish our growth trajectory for years to come. You’ll be joining a small team and you’ll be responsible for providing HR/Talent/Recruiting and DEI-focused expertise while engaging new audiences and stakeholders to build trust and a lasting relationship with us that will ultimately help them grow into a more inclusive, diverse, and successful organization. You will be collaborating and coordinating with Marketing, Client Success, and other departments as needed.

We can’t wait to plug your genius into our team!

A Day in the Life

Business Development 80%
Marketing Ideation & Support 20%

What We're Looking For

This role's base salary range is $70k-$80k.

Ability Blue

Abilities & Skills

Lead Generation

New Customer Pipeline growth

New Customer Acquisition

Marketing Campaign Ideation

Campaign Follow-up


Alignment Ideals

Patience: Willing to spend the appropriate time creating a relationship of trust and authenticity with prospects

People-Oriented: Leading with authenticity, honesty, & transparency to understand the true needs of stakeholders and set appropriate expectations

Self-Starter & Go-Getter: Comfortable with minimal direction and helping define priorities, leading with optimism and realism

Communicative: Able to effectively communicate with all levels of an organization, external clients & partners


Growth Opportunity

Opportunity to learn and interact with all areas of the business

Opportunity to be a part of a high growth organization

Provide guidance and insight into the development of our Sales Process

Potential to grow and lead your own sales team at interviewIA

Your Hiring Team


UB Ciminieri


Carolyn Lyons


Jacob Mueller


Gary Walker

Head of Product & Innovation

Joe Thurman


Your Candidate Experience


Qualification Interview

Ability-focused with 1-2 interviewIA team members from within the department


Advisory Interview

Alignment & Growth-focused with 1-2 interviewIA team members outside of the department

Demo of interviewIA

A live tour of our interview platform


Leadership Decision

Decision made by 2 Executive Leaders or 1 Executive Leader + Direct Supervisor

Candidate Experience Timeline

At most, candidates can expect our process to take approx. one month depending on when you first submit your application.


Application Received

Weeks 1-3


Interviews Conducted

Weeks 3-4


Decision Made By

End of Week 4


Apply Now to Become Our First Business Development Team Member!

In addition to providing us with your contact information, we would also like to ask you for additional information to help us determine your alignment for this role. Thank you in advance!

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