Today we launch interviewIA – our vision for the future of work!

I’ve always said that you find purpose in your work when your passion and your actions find alignment.

We will never stop the pursuit of true purpose and I’m so excited to be surrounded by a team that feels the same way. Today we launch the first steps of a dream that we have been working on for over 3 years.

Because of COVID’s impact on remote work and the true social changes and a real opportunity to address systemic inequality in our nation and in our organizations, we are launching interviewIA to help companies RIGHT NOW prepare and reimagine the future of work.

Our journey has been long but every step along the way is a building block that we are using today.

Five years ago, we launched Jobber Group, a talent strategy firm, working on the front lines of innovative talent strategies. After working with clients, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, we recognized that we had to think bigger, we had to be bolder in our dream of redefining the way that companies are built.

Three years ago, we built the first version of an interview platform that was focused on using technology to enhance our team’s ability to objectively review talent, remove bias and create a new and improved way of aligning talent with an organizations mission, this was another step toward our goal of helping everyone find purpose in the work that they do. Our clients loved it!

One year ago, we launched Breaking the Bias, programmatic training focused on creating awareness around unconscious bias. We realized that great people were being kept out because of untrained or unaware people leaders. Our interactive and immersive training program was developed to help teams and leaders develop skills around curiosity, empathy, and conscious communication. Our unshaped humanity can be a huge barrier to a more inclusive world if we don’t educate and build new skills.

We’re excited to announce that we are taking all our experiences to launch a new company — interviewIA.

interviewIA is transforming the hiring process and in-turn will begin to transform the way that we all build our organizations. Building systems that go against systemic biases and using data-driven talent intelligence to drive business value, inclusion, and retention. Our holistic solution consists of a subscription-based, talent intelligence SaaS platform, client success services, and immersive digital training.

At interviewIA, our sole mission is to do work that centers around people – all people – and we understand that this belief doesn’t come without sacrifice.

We own solving this problem and we don’t compromise. As a team, we have always believed that there is flexibility in our dream and ability to impact the world, and we are committed to that Impact, our Team, and our Belief in a better world. Most importantly, we believe we are situated to help you navigate returning to a new workplace that embraces the safety and equality of ALL your employees.