Training + Technology

How do we first change interviewing behaviors? We start with our methodology and digital training. Then we help you implement our frictionless and integrated technology to scale that change.

Training Transparent


  • Build an equitable interview process.
  • Calibrate and optimize hiring managers, questions, answers, and outcomes.
  • Questions only matter if we know the intention and if they have context.
  • Objective measurement is repeatable.

Asynchronous Digital Training

  • To create better interviews we must first create better interviewers.
  • Asynchronous training is a key component of our Talent Intelligence Solution.
Tech Transparent

Understanding Humans Better

Our platform is built to capture comprehensive and actionable data insights from interviewers.

Measuring What’s True

Calibrating managers, questions, and answers using structured data, NLP, and other technology advancements.

Intents – Ability, Alignment, Growth

We are building the Intelligence Interviewing Ecosystem that will use data points to create insights about human potential and behavior.

By The Numbers

Case Study: Pacific Medical Data Solutions, A Lifepoint Health Company


Turnover Rate Reduction


Retention Rate Increase in 12-mos


Total Annual Cost Savings

What is Interview Intelligence Amplification™ (IA)?

Interview Intelligence Amplification™ is the future of hiring.

What is the difference between AI and IA?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses machine learning to replace human behavior (e.g. self-driving cars) while Intelligence Augmentation and Intelligence Amplification (IA) extends and enhances human capabilities (e.g. driver assist) through machine learning.



Our organizational hiring strategy has truly grown leaps and bounds from where it was prior to working with the Jobber Group team. They are truly committed to the success of our City.

Aleta Jeffress

Formerly CIO For City Of Aurora, Colorado

The process and strategy changes that we have made because of this tool have given our entire organization faith in our hiring process. We are able to measure and bring in great talent like never before.

Justin Scambray

CEO Of Pacific Medical Data Solutions, A LifePoint Health Company

This platform was a GAME CHANGER! Helping us to identify gaps in our hiring process, giving us clarity around every hire, and creating actionable data that drove key changes to our hiring and retention.

Cathy Hardin

EVP Sales & Revenue At ANGI Homeservices/HomeAdvisor


Edison Soup

Thomas Edison conducted the first interview almost 100 years ago.

A key part of his process:

to offer every candidate a bowl of soup to see whether they would add salt or pepper to the soup before they tasted it

The result:

Those who did were ruled out immediately. Edison wanted people who didn’t make assumptions. But wait, isn’t that an assumption on his part?

Interviewing has not changed since these first documented efforts in 1921.

interviewIA is here to change that.


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