interviewIA has one vision: to build a solution that can change the way organizations treat people they are recruiting and hiring. This is more than just helping businesses get back to work in the midst of COVID and Black Lives Matter. This is about the lasting impact of social change on our hiring behaviors. Everyone deserves an EQUAL chance to find work that is meaningful to them in an organization where they feel like they BELONG. Now is the time to take action in a “remote & virtual hiring” world, to combat systemic inequalities that do exist within our organizations.

We are asking you to commit to building a more inclusive hiring process. In turn, we will commit to helping you.


How Can We Help Now?

CALIBRATION is critical to a successful implementation of the interviewIA solution. Setting up your teams for success requires a look into your own unconscious bias behaviors and how they impact every part of the interview process. Understanding the human component first will help us embrace the technology to do our best! We can help your organizations prepare now in these key areas: DEI&B-focused Interview Training & Strategy.


1. Leading with Empathy: 

The Leading with Empathy 90-minute bias and empathy awareness session for all employees will help you explore how to level up your emotional intelligence as a team member, peer, and leader. Breaking the Bias has created content focused on helping organizations create change and build high functioning teams that support each other no matter race, gender, religious faith, or sexual orientation.

What you will learn:

  1. The science behind our biases and how to build a Code of Curiosity
  2. The science behind Empathy and your natural ability to be a great leader
  3. What the Empathy Maturity Model is and how you can level up
  4. How Empathic Leadership impacts your team
  5. How the Code of Empathy can impact in-group/out-group dynamics
  6. How to build more curious and empathetic habits through key exercises you’ll learn to do on your own to develop better Conscious Communication.

This course is also available as a Leadership Half-day Workshop and Strategy Lab to collaboratively discuss and explore the Core Truths of the organization – what we know to be true today – to find alignment for the WHY of your strategy as a leadership team. Led by two of our expert facilitators and our key partner, Nicole Gravagna of NeuroEQ, the discussion guides us to creating a Recommendations Report to help determine the next steps in the execution of your strategy moving forward.


2. Unbiased Interview Strategies: 

While we prepare to launch the interviewIA platform, our Professional Services team is ready now to help you and your teams be prepared to use it.  

Our Unbiased Interview Strategies training is a 2-hour exploration and alignment of you and your team’s mindsets and goals as they relate to your current interview process. We will work together to define: 

  1. Current biases and inequalities in the interview process 
  2. Intention for every question 
  3. Definition of success for every question 
  4. Scoring for every interview 
  5. Process improvements 

The outcome of this training will be a more thoughtful and inclusive interview process that will be measurable and scalable using the interviewIA platform.  

Each training can be conducted virtually via Zoom, with maximum impact and interactivity comparable to in-person trainings. A maximum of 16 people also gives us the ideal group size to work directly with all attendees.


3. Remote Hiring Strategies

As we slowly begin to unravel the “new normal,” organizations who are prepared to embrace new hiring rituals will succeed faster and stronger than those who refuse to adapt. Our Professional Services team is prepared to train you for new remote hiring processes, including the restructuring of interviews to maintain human-centered impact in a virtual environment.  

Prepare, plan, and conduct all interviews with inclusion and confidence. 


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We are launching our Digital Training Platform of micro-learning videos that follow the Breaking the Bias program methodology, starting with Curiosity, Empathy, and Conscious Communication. This digital access provides an immersive and scalable Bias and Empathy Awareness and Conscious Inclusion program for your employees organization-wide. This can be used for onboarding new employees, continuous education, and reinforcement.

Content Includes:

  1. The Code of Curiosity: The Science Behind our Biases
  2. The Code of Empathy: Understanding the Empathy Maturity Model
  3. Conscious Communication: Using Curiosity and Empathy to Make Better Decisions and to Communication with Intention
  4. Unbiased Interview Strategies: To Prepare for a More Inclusive Interview Process, including Designing a Less Biased Question Set
  5. Remote Hiring Strategies: To Prepare for a Shift to Remote Hiring post-COVID

Upon completion of our trainings, employees will receive an Unconscious Bias Training Certificate.

Our Digital Training Solution will be fully available soon.


Contact us today to put your organization on a path of positive change.

To build a truly inclusive candidate experience takes intentional and conscious actioninterviewIA is sharing resources developed by Breaking the Bias to help your teams work together to hire the right people over and over again by building a more inclusive workplace. These free resources can be downloaded here:

DEI&B Resources

Our Professional Services team and key partners are also offering Leadership Half-day Workshops and Strategy Labs to collaboratively discuss and explore the Core Truths of your organization – what we know to be true today – to find alignment for the WHY of your strategy as a leadership team. Led by two of our expert facilitators and our key partner, Nicole Gravagna of NeuroEQ, the discussion guides us to creating a Recommendations Report to help determine the next steps in the execution of your strategy moving forward.


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Create intentional and repeatable outcomes with IA

Interview Intelligence Amplification™ is the future of hiring. Data, process, and machine learning have enabled us to create insights that can change hiring forever. IA enables hiring managers to make better hiring decisions for your organization. Through continuous learning and technology augmentation, our goal is to improve hiring for both the candidate and the company.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses machine learning to replace human behavior (e.g. self-driving cars) while Intelligence Augmentation and Intelligence Amplification (IA) extends and enhances human capabilities (e.g. driver assist) through machine learning. interviewIA is leveraging IA technologies to change the interaction between interviewers and interviewees. Smart interview guides and true data analytics are used to turn interviewIA in the best interview assistance tool on the market.

Using a mixture of behavioral, competency, and situational-based questions, interviewIA uses a blend of data and human intelligence to make teams and organizations smarter about the way they hire.

By synthesizing interview feedback, our systematic approach to questions and bench-marking thousands of responses to different types of questions, we enhance your decision-making power. Machine Learning algorithms assist with everything from designing the ideal interview team for each role to looking for continuous improvement within your interviewing process. Through a quantity of data that no single human brain could ever process, we save organizations time and money throughout the hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been misused and misaligned in many areas of the hiring process. Issues range from algorithmic bias against underrepresented groups to improper screening processes. AI is not ready for hiring at scale. On the other hand, Intelligence Amplification is programmatically more attainable through today’s technology than Artificial Intelligence. IA is the next iteration of using tools to bolster productivity. Organizations can leverage IA without large amounts of systemic change and feel confident in their ability to manage and control these changes without the black box effect of traditional interviewing or the AI-extreme. interviewIA’s combination of intelligent computing, intelligent software, and APIs can have profound implications for hiring.



Interview platforms help companies that are looking to streamline the traditional job interview process.

Create a structured interview experience for your hiring team and candidates.

Who benefits from an interview platform?

Hiring Managers looking to make better hiring decisions that align with key business objectives.
Organizations and teams looking to remove unconscious bias from your interview process.
HR leadership looking to gain efficiency and visibility into hiring processes.
Talent Acquisition leaders looking to enhance the candidate experience.
Executives looking to build confidence into your hiring process.

Smart Interview Questions

IA driven interview guides help you ask the right questions and empower your hiring managers to succeed.

Interview Workflow Manager

Design custom interview workflows for efficiency and scale across the entire organization.

Candidate Documentation

Every interview documented and tracked real-time for collaboration and insights.

Reporting and Analysis

Interview feedback analysis and decision support to drive successful hiring strategies.


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